Special Thanks

Mark My Wordz Thank Yous!
“First and foremost I want to thank GOD the most high – for being my inspiration, truth and light. I want to thank my queen for being by my side through hell and heaven – for being my guardian angel and bringing me peace. I want to thank my family – Love Ya’ll! – I wouldn’t be here without you – thank you for believing in me. Speaking of people that believe in me… I want to thank all the Artists who are featured on the album [Mark My Wordz] to help make it what it is. Big props to all the people who have been supporting me through my journey, especially the man who made this project happen – Fouche, thanks for having my back, for being patient and for working really hard – We made it happen!

*Special Thanks to All my Fans! “I would’nt be here with out yall”, Shawn House aka Sean Live for getting it all started, and Ron Ross for getting it all finished!”


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