Mark My Wordz

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Mark My Wordz
Mark 4 Death (M4D) highly anticipated album “Mark My Wordz” releases 1/1/2011. The album includes smash hits like “Make Some Noiz”, “Get It Hot”, “Victim Of Seduction”, “How U Like”, and “Sacrafice”. Featured artists include Sean-Live, ESP, Deok, Jay Ran, Killah Priest, Sonya, Dvest8, Bounce, And Sicker.
M4D’s music video ” Sacrafice” made its world premier on 4/5/2010. The video (and the “Making of Mark My Wordz” video) is available on YouTube at “Sacrafice” can also be downloaded for only $0.99 on Broadjam at

Song List:

  1. Danger
  2. State of Emergency
  3. Make Some Noiz
  4. City 2 City (featuring Bounce)
  5. Get It Hot
  6. It’z Time (featuring Sean Live and Sonya)
  7. Seven Deadly Sinz
  8. Love 2 Hate (featuring Sean Live and Mr. Sicker)
  9. Game of Death
  10. How U Like
  11. Victim Of Seduction
  12. Thug Status
  13. Live Life (featuring ESP and Deok)
  14. Poisoness Poetry (featuring Killah Priest)
  15. Enlighten
  16. Ride 4 Da Cause (featuring Sean Live and Dvest8)
  17. Sacrafice (featuring Jay Ran)
  18. We’re All Going 2 Die
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“Mark My Wordz” Out Now

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M4D’s “Pergatory” album released in 2004, dropping strictly underground raw, rough, and real – with no mastering. Royal Throne only pressed 1,500 copies and distributed them across the United States. The original, versatile, rough, on the edge, heart-felt, thought-conscious, lyrical hip-hop album was re-released and distributed for free to M4D fans in 2006. M4D’s “Pergatory” album is still one of the greatest underground hip-hop albums and remains free.

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Song List:

  • 1.
    Menatal Warfare 
  • 2.¬†
    Roll Hard 
  • 3. Loss of Innocence
  • 4. STR8 From Da Heart
  • 5. Close Your Eyes
  • 6. B.Y.D.O.
  • 7. PA RA NOIA
  • 8. Search 4 Da Grail
  • 9. U Love Me So
  • 10. Mysterious
  • 11. Hypnosis
  • 12. 500 Degrees
  • 13. Voice’z N My Head
  • 14. Testament
  • 15. Code of Silence